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datingoholic Do you know that there are over 100 million single adults in the United States today. Yes, it is a really huge number!

I personally don't know many people who decided to be single and I'm sure that the vast majority of singles really want to find their life partners.

When you say that you don't want to date, you are scared to open yourself up to people. You are scared of being rejected and you have a fear of failure.

Why would you assume failure before even making an effort?

Fear of rejection and fear of failure stands as obstacles between man and his potential relationships.

Many my acquaintances/friends told me that they're trying, they go to the gym regularly, maybe they even ask a woman out once in awhile. But, truth is that they have been out of the real dating game long time. They don't want to admit that they have a problem. Simply, they lie to themselves because truth can be painful.

Someone will say that there are people who really don't want relationships and who like to be single.

I'm pretty sure, this group of people who really want to be single, will change their mind as soon as they reach 40 years of age. Time is passing so quickly!

I had the opportunity to talk with many single people.

They usually say:

"All the good men/women are taken."
"I'm busy and I have no time for dating."
"Women are picky and only care about money."
"I don't feel attractive to anyone."

I've heard these (and similar) complaints from single people over and over again last years.

I don't want to mention some lame excuses now, but I've heard a bunch of them.

You should remember: Successful people don't make excuses.

Successful people detect a problem, find solution and at the end they take an action.

They act instead of just reacting. They do something to solve a problem instead of just being feeling bad about it.

Maybe you're thinking now: "Yes, I already know all of that. What is the solution?"

I would be happy if I can offer you some magic spells. But unfortunately magic spells don't work.

You have to realize that dating is a game and when you know/understand the rules, you will enjoy this game.

Many people do it wrong. They try to apply baseball rules to football. It doesn't work.

You have to learn the dating rules and implement it accordingly. And just like in every game there are winners and losers.

So, how to stop being a loser?

Decide to be a winner!

The easiest path is to blame the whole world for your failures. When you attack others with a bad attitude, you only invite problems. This attitude and negative mindset doesn't solve anything.

Do you think that fear, sadness and desperation can solve anything?

With these negative attitudes and feelings you dig a hole deeper and you bury yourself deeper in misery and self pity.

Start to learn and improve your dating skills. Start to change yourself. You can't change the world, but you can change yourself. The world will be changing as you change, which will force you to view and feel the world differently.

Online dating websites can be good option to find a partner. At a bar or club you only have a few women to choose from. And face it, all the guys are going to be hounding the best looking ones. But online, you’ve got thousands of women to speak to. What’s even better is that you can search for them by location or interests. You can quickly filter through what you like and value before you start conversation.

Ok. I know. You are probably thinking now: 'I tried many online dating websites but I couldn't get women to talk to me and there is a lot of competition online and I'm wondering if its even worth".

This is a totally wrong way of thinking.

Many Facebook comments are good example how NOT to do. Many guys complimenting women's physical appearance. She ignores them because the compliments are never sincere and she doesn't see reason to respond. This is a huge mistake. Just imagine how many these sort of messages she receives daily on online dating websites. Hundreds!

As I said, you have to improve your dating skills and the way you deal with women. It is the main issue.

You have to overcome your obstacle. How to stand out from the crowded sea of other guys she has to choose from.

They should think to themselves – here's a guy who's different – who doesn't just talk about himself, but KNOWS something about women, and about what women want.

As you can see below, you can read 6 books for free about dating. I don't guarantee that you will change your current relationship status from single to in relationship but I believe that you will learn something new and improve your dating skills.

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." — Thomas Jefferson.

Free dating and relationship PDF books

Title: How to date any girl

Description: You will learn: attraction • how become more attractive to women • why are women so hard to decipher • where to meet woman • what they say they want • nice guys vs bad guys • personality traits women find irresistible • how to meet women...

Title: How to become the girl that men adore

Description: You will learn: becoming the girl men adore • being a woman • women offer advice • men offer solutions • a woman’s power to influence • what do men really want • women use words • men tune out • empowering your man...

Title: 5 steps to online dating success

Description: You will learn: what you need to know about online dating • what makes online dating so different • making yourself look like a million dollars • letting the relationship blossom • meeting face to face...

Title: 100 first date tips

Description: As title of book said you will learn 100 first date tips.

Title: Art of asking a girl out

Description: You will learn: different types of girls • planning to ask a girl out • ideas or being romantic • tips for asking a girl out • five rules for asking a girl out • mistakes to avoid when asking a girl out • the first impression is a lasting impression...

Title: Super speed dating secrets

Description: You will learn: the basics where to begin • decide on what you want in a person • understand the rules • first impression • expectations, preserve your life • create a conversation about something suitable in the situation • super speed dating secrets • dating tips that really work in the 21st century...

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